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Vincent CARON
43 years old

vincent _at_
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Software Developer & Consultant
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1999 - 2000 Computer graphics DEA (Advanced Study Diploma)
Attended the EDIIS (Computing and Society Information Doctoral School)
Option DISIC (Documents, Multimedia, Images and Information Systems)
1996 - 1999 Ecole Centrale de Lyon (Master of Science / Engineering) [Diploma]
Specialisation in computing.
1994 - 1996 Preparatory classes
Mathématiques spéciales et supérieures M at Lycée du Parc, Lyon


Operating systems Good and up-to-date knowledge of system programming with GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and MS Windows
Past experiences with Solaris and HP-UX.
Programming Mastering and daily use of C, C++, Perl, Bourne Shell and PHP
Significant experience with Pascal, Python, assembly on x86 and m68k
Software Mastering of GNU/Linux, gcc, gdb, Apache, Samba, Bind, OpenSSH, MySQL, PosgreSQL, CVS, SVN, Postfix, FreeRadius, OpenLDAP
Realisations Available on line at
Administrator and moderator of the GNU Savannah and Gna! collaborative development sites
Co-founder of the Gna! project
Miscellaneous Practical and theorical knowledge :
- signal processing : (mainly) audio and video
- electronics : PCB design/layout, microprocessors and computers architecture
Languages French : native tongue
English : fluently written and correctly spoken (TOEFL: 600)
German, Spanish : notions

Professional experience

2004, December Bearstech
Associate. Services and consulting about free software, integration and development.
- autonomous appliances (backup, router, file and mail server, etc.)
- specialized e-commerce web sites (newspaper, real estate)
- teaching (Perl, Python, C, GNU/Linux admin. and prog.)
2004, February
2004, November
Systems and network infrastructure maintenance, development of appliance based products
- daily maintenance and enhancement for an ISP operating network (2500 clients: ADSL, e-mail, web, firewall, etc.)
- development and deployment of different appliances :
  antivirus for e-mail, groupware for mobiles, agile & multifunction appliance (Sun/Cobalt Qube-like)
- development of supervision tools (updates, backup, production, configuration) for all appliances
2002, August Freelance software developer
Cross-platform programming : system (GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, MS Windows), networking and graphics
Mekensleep (2002, August - 2004, January) :
- maintenance of Nevrax's NeL MMORPG support library
- development of the Underware game library
- research work on alternative rendering methods (eg: cellshading)
2001, January -
2002, June
Imaginary Ways - Video games oriented development
Founding member, co-manager
- various prestations (expertise, development). Clients : BrandToOne, Cryonetworks, CTO Networks, Carapace
- development of a cross-platform technology for massively multi-player on-line video games
- development of the portable NGL software library as Free Software
August - October
BrandToOne / AIR Paris
Chief Technical Officer
- managing technical related questions with clients and providers
- technology analysis, specifications writing - ASP and PHP maintenance, IIS and Apache administration
March - July
Cryo Networks
R&D trainee (DEA)
- industrial and academic technology survey on distributed virtual environments
- cooperative development platform set up and methodology advice
April - August
Cryo Networks
Engineer trainee (scholarship ending, ECL)
- GNU/Linux and Solaris port of the SCOL/Windows technology
- SCOL extensions writing (HTTP client and server, all platforms)
June - August
Engineer trainee (ECL)
- development and integration of an on-line and multi-user 3D environment (SCOL technology)
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