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Let's go to the CVSreport site

CVS is the tool of choice for version control and distributed/cooperative programming. When you're considering Free solutions, since ClearCase or Perforce are considered high quality commercial products. I have been using this wonderful tool for several years. I once advocated its use in a company where I worked, and everybody is happy every day to have dropped SourceSafe, especially the admin !

CVS becomes truely wonderful when you plug some utilities like cvsweb, ViewCVS or start automating some tasks like doc extraction, compile farm, etc. However, most tasks imply a 'push' behaviour from the user : you don't know what's happening on the repository until you update your working copy or browse cvsweb. And you never easily get the whole picture of what happened during your sleep.

A weird tool (known as the commit_prep/log_accum script pair) is shipped in CVS contrib folder, but it is not very configurable, contains cryptic code and hardcode CVS files parsing. I tried to write something simpler and more extensible :

Contact : Vincent Caron <vincent _at_ zerodeux.net> Last modified on Sunday 26 Jun 2005 17:11