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Server setup

The box

A refurbished Cobalt RaQ4r (AMD K6-2 400MHz, 512MB RAM, 2x80GB ATA HD). It has been running almost 24/24 for 8668 days since now.

The operating system

Debian GNU/Linux, of course ! The current installed kernel is a 6.1.0-21-amd64 and has been up since 5 days, 3 hours and 11 minutes. Availability is currently 99.97%.

The software

Here is the list of the daemons haunting the box :

Name Description
Apache-SSL A famous variant of the famous HTTP server
MySQL The simple, efficient and free data base
Bind Reference internet name server
Postfix Mail transport agent
WU IMAP/SSL IMAP server with SSL support
OpenSSH Secure shell server
Samba SMB server (MS file sharing)
NFS 'Native' unix file sharing

And here are the various CGIs hosted (most are private) with their language/engine :

Name Description
PHP The Hypertext Preprocessor
APC PHP cache/accelerator
Perl The Practical Extraction and Report Language
Python Powerful object oriented scripting
Mailman GNU mailing list manager (Python)
SquirrelMail Web based mail client (PHP)
phpGroupWare Multi-user groupware for cooperative work (PHP)
cvsweb CVS repository browser (Perl)
ViewCVS CVS repository browser (Python)
Bugzilla Heavy bug management system (Perl)
RT An efficient and powerful request tracker (Perl)
WDG HTML Validator HTML/CSS validator (Perl)

Contact : Vincent Caron <vincent _at_ zerodeux.net> Last modified on Wednesday 29 May 2013 19:07