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Let's go to the NGL site

This project started from a Meeloo initiative : while developping one of his OpenGL hack he got tired of reinventing the wheel again and again, and began writing a simple framework to code OpenGL applications in 5 sec or so under Windows. I was then doing some Windows to Linux port work for a company developping a 3D interactive toy app, and Meeloo proposed me to do the Linux port. The NGL name was already there, primarily for networked GL, stressing the fact that asynchronous programming like network I/O was possible in this framework, while it was ackward and non portable to achieve with glut. This was Januar 2000.

Since then, the framework got much and much features, new ports (BeOS, MacOS, FreeBSD), and other contributors. During long nights of summer 2001, Meeloo and I designed the second version, removing all the frustrations that were in the first code draft, and with a more larger scope in mind. I took over main development and maintainership. The development of this second edition will actually be opened as the '1.0' release, since the first draft was never publicly announced and had very few users.

NGL is now hosted on the Gna! facility. The latest CVS sources can be browsed online.

Contact : Vincent Caron <vincent _at_ zerodeux.net> Last modified on Sunday 26 Jun 2005 15:11